Jeunesse Global Uses Technology To Reach More Associates

Jeunesse Global is an anti-aging science solutions company, founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Randy and Wendy needed a few years until they finally managed to build a global brand that now has more than 20 operational offices, over 200 employees, more than 200.000 distributors, and is spread in more than 85 countries worldwide.

The reason for this success of the Jeunesse Global business is that instead of throwing money on marketing, the founders decided to invest in building computer systems that are necessary for direct selling worldwide.

The Idea behind the founding of Jeunesse

The idea for founding Jeunesse Global products came about when Randy’s knee cartilage was damaged, so he and Wendy went to Beverly Hills to visit Dr. Nathan Newman, the only one doing a new procedure using injections with the patient’s own stem cells. That’s when Randy and Wendy thought of the idea to form Jeunesse Global.

First Product Launches

In 2009, a serum called Luminesce – a cellular rejuvenation skincare product was first launched.
The powerful duo didn’t stop here and their next product launch was Reserve – a gel-based antioxidant supplement which slowed down the process of aging.

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