Avita Rowing Machine – Premium Quality From Lifecore

Avita 950Rowing is one of the few exercises that use up all the muscles in the body thus leading to all-round development of the body. This is an intense all body exercise which toughens up the body to make it totally immune to impacts which would have otherwise taken its toll on the body. It enriches the body with power so that the body feels better and is more fitted to take up arduous tasks without feeling tired. It is very much lauded because there is no other machine which gives you a strength workout along with a cardio workout. One of the best rowing machines is the Avita rowing machine. This is because the feather weight frame of the same allows you to exercise without suffering any unforeseen injuries. It is an appropriate tool for beginners and professionals alike.

Avita has always been known for making top end products and they continue to please their loyal fan following, adding more consumers to their base. They are generally constructed in such a manner that they last you an entire lifetime. Avita uses only the metals and materials of the highest order and this is where their supremacy lies. Many companies today use plastic to make the rowers so that it’s cheap and easier for them but Avita remains true to it’s aim. They use only the best materials to the extent that even the footpads are made of high-grade aluminium.

One of the other good machines in the market is the r100 machine from the stable of Lifecore. It is a group level rower which provides great efficiency in the working department. It has enough resistance levels to meet the needs of a variety of users. It has got 15 resistance levels to be precise. The design and layout give a clear indication that it’s aimed at the Concept2 rowing machine. Even the functions are up gradations of the same. It clearly plans to take over the customer fan base which the Concept2 enjoys largely in the US and to a certain degree in UK.

The excellent quality of work done by Lifecore on the machine is evident from its features. It allows a maximum weight of 600 pounds to be aboard the machine. Having faith in their construction, the Lifecore makers have provided a warranty of 5 years on all parts of this machine which makes it all the more better for the buyer. The high-end machinery installed on the rower assures you that it would be very easy to track all vital body statistics by a mere glance to the crystal clear liquid display on the dashboard.

Nordic Track is a well-known name all over the world. It is the largest producer of fitness equipments throughout. They build machines with the objective of making them last for a very long period of time. With the advent of technology and the world becoming a local marketplace, Nordic has started selling their products online. No doubt, its fans all over the world love it. But the problem of buying it online is that one wouldn’t be able to check the product for himself. It’s always advisable to check the comfort level of the seating and other features before purchasing it. Everyone has their own preferences but it would be safe to say that the Nordic counts right at the top along with the Avita rowing machines.