Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept2 Model DWhen you think of rowing, your mind may unintentionally stray to some staid image of a prestigious, Ivy League team racing across a foggy pond, white sweaters tied daintily around their shoulders. With a mindset like this, it isn’t hard to associate rowing with a negative view of the rich, soft-palmed senator’s son, whittling away his days on a canoe, blissfully unaware of the world crumbling to the ground around him. Presentiments aside, one thing that can’t be said about rowing is that it is for weaklings of any kind. Rowing is in fact not only one of the most difficult exercises to perform, but it is also one of the most beneficial and calorie-burning types of exercise in the world.

This is precisely the reason that rowing machines were invented and why they continue to be considered the best fitness machines available. Few of us have access to a canoe and paddles, much less a giant lake in our backyard. Most exercisers would prefer the convenience of working out while still being on land, surprising concept though that is. A rowing machine adds that necessary touch of practicality while still maintaining the astounding results possible from proper use of a rowing machine. The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine, then, represents the pinnacle of what can be achieved with a rowing machine and regular training.

Rowing in and of itself is already lauded from on high because of stunning results it gives in such a short time. What makes the Concept2-Rowing Machine so special, then? Well, rowing hasn’t only been personified, but perfected, with the Model D Indoor Rowing Machine. A sliding seat is present on the Model D, which you’ll use to strengthen the muscles in your thigh and calves. Add this benefit to the already vast amount of muscles you’ll be using to row, including all of your back, your shoulders, and even your biceps, and you’ve got an all-encompassing workout machine that takes up less than half the space of typical machines that work less than half the muscle groups.

It is with great ease, then, that we see all the attributes and benefits that rowing machines have over nearly every other conceivable type of workout machine. As for setting itself apart, above, and beyond this already cherished pack, the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine adds just the right touches to make it the best indoor rowing machine available.

PM3 performance MonitorThe PM3 performance Monitor, a mainstay of the Concept2-Rowing Machine, is a masterpiece of a system, tracking your calories burned, keeping your pace, marking distance and displaying all these factors and more on graphs, charts, and countless other options, including large print. These features look all the more pale, however, when added to the already vast wealth of programs, trials, preset workouts, games, and even the ability to go online, where you can access more games, take online challenges, and even get lessons!

Put simply, the Concept2 Model D combines the technological innovations that make working out less of a hassle with the proven benefits of rowing as exercise. This creates the perfect storm, if you will, of fitness, form, and function. Just don’t get out there on your boat!


  • Available PM3 or PM4 Performance Monitor
  • Revolutionary flywheel design, minimizing noise while maximizing organic feel of water
  • Ergonomic handle for natural arm and hand motion
  • Spiral damper to keep control in the hands of the user
  • Adjustable monitor arm
  • Flexfoot footrests
  • Aluminum rail with a stainless steel track, to ensure smooth seat movement
  • Compact storage, allowing for a tool-free separation into two parts
  • Caster wheels for maximum mobility
  • Dimensions: 25 x 33 x 53