The Keiser M3 Blows Away the Competition

Keiser M3 PlusThe Keiser M3 Indoor Spin Exercise Bike is quite simply an amazing exercise bike. Keiser has produced a marvel of engineering with this spinning exercise bike. Many exercise bikes claim to be the best at a lesser cost, but until you get on this one you just do not know. Spinning has become very popular in gyms. Spinning classes and DVD’s are commonplace in today’s exercise world. If you are interested in looking at one of the best exercise bikes anywhere, read this review.


This spin bike took awhile to get here, but when it did it really made a splash. The Keiser M3 is probably the best spinning bike we ever had a chance to try. Keiser exercise bikes are of commercial quality, but still very viable in the home.

Keiser originally started like many other exercise bike manufacturers. They tried to make cheaper bikes, but found that the bike’s recurring maintenance costs were too high. So, they decided to do the unthinkable—offer a quality product. They engineered the Keiser M3 over a period of 10 years to become one of the best engineered spinning bikes anywhere. It is made of a very simple design that ensures almost nothing on the fitness bike is capable of breaking. The computer may be the only real issue in something that will require maintenance.

The engineering of the bike guarantees that you will not have to spend hours trying to fix little issues that pop up on occasion. Many gyms that use these exercise bikes report that they rarely have any issues with them. This is pretty extraordinary considering how many people use these bikes and how long over certain time frames.

The resistance on this spinning bike is accomplished by a magnetic field that produces a current in the flywheel while it is turning. This current produces a force that works opposite of the rotation of the flywheel. Basically, the harder you pedal, the more difficult the pedaling becomes. This is very similar to real-world cycling. In addition, this design ensures there are not many parts that can wear out over time and require replacement. The only maintenance you should have to do on this spinning exercise bike is wipe it down after use.

The Keiser M3 comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars that make your ride more enjoyable. The seat is larger than what you would normally find on a cycling bike, but it makes the ride much more comfortable. If you want to stand up during your training program you will have no problems with that either. The stability is really amazing. Many exercise bikes shift or wobble when you try to stand up and get that “uphill climb” going. The Keiser M3 Indoor Spin Exercise Bike is very sturdy and will not move an inch. Adjusting the seat and handlebars for a very tall person could be troublesome. It seems that that adjustments don’t seem very natural if you are over 6’4” or so.


Keiser M3 MonitorThe included computer also makes measuring your workout very easy. It is compatible with heart rate monitors such as the Polar Heart Rate Monitor. These kinds of heart rate monitors are much more reliable than the typical grip heart rate monitors you may find on other exercise bikes. It also keeps track of variables such as power output, distance, time, and calories.

Overall, this spinning bike is one of the best cycling simulations available today. You really feel like you are riding down the road getting one heck of a workout. Spinning has never been more fun than when you ride this whisper-quiet machine. The only thing you will hear will be the thwack of your shoelaces on the ground if they are untied. You are in a very natural position relating to the typical cyclist.


  • Amazing engineering
  • Maintenance free
  • One of the best biking simulations anywhere


  • Difficult to adjust to those of extreme heights (6’4” or greater)


This spinning bike is exactly what any serious cyclist is looking for. This is an extraordinarily well-made machine that had some real thought put into it. If you are an avid cyclist and are looking for something that will allow you to train at home instead of riding in bad weather or going to the gym, this is your machine. Gyms often use this exercise bike because of its durability and lack of maintenance. Even if you aren’t a cycling enthusiast and are just looking for a quality exercise bike, you cannot go wrong with the Keiser M3. Engineering like this should be reserved for our automobiles.