Water Rower – ProRower H20

ProRower H20Considering what type of rower to buy for your home gym can be a long drawn out process requiring a lot of research. There are many different types to choose from and a wide price range to consider. If you are looking for a water rower, you may look into the ProRower H20 RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine. This particular water rower is manufactured by H20 Fitness; an American company that specializes in making commercial-grade water rowers for home gyms. H20 Fitness also prides themselves on being environmentally friendly which is always a plus.

This easy to store water rower, offers a weight capacity of 350 pounds; much higher than most other rowers which cap off at a weight capacity of 250pounds.


We researched almost 3 dozen rowing machine reviews on this water rower. While the majority of the reviews were positive, we did find one very low rating from a reviewer who did not actually use the water rower, according to their own account.

Although mainly positive, some of the statements from users of this water rower did show concern and most of them were about the monitor. Many people noted that the monitor is of inferior quality. While it does monitor strokes accurately, most users have found that it is inaccurate on all of the other features the monitor offers. It also seems to be bulky and sometimes in the way.

Other reviewers also conveyed that the recoil cord (also called bungee cord by some) wears quickly and breaks after only a short time. Anyone who experienced this also mentioned the wonderful customer service provided by H20 Fitness in handling the broken part. One customer even recommends ordering an extra recoil cord upon the initial order of the water rower.

While there are obviously some concerns, the majority of users who voiced these concerns also rated the machine with 5 stars, which is the highest possible rating.  These same reviewers also noted how sturdy and comfortable the water rower is. Most users were pleased with the workout they received and the actual “water rowing” feel this water rower provides.

This machine comes mostly assembled, requiring minimal assembly which normally takes only about 10 to 45 minutes. Lots of reviewers mentioned how easy H20 Fitness made it to fill the machine with water and explained that the water rower comes with a great kit for filling and siphoning. While many others mentioned how easy it is to move this water rower and store it away only requiring a small space.


Being that most reviewers thought this water rower to be of excellent quality, with the exception of the monitor, we recommend the ProRower H20 RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine to anyone who is looking to add a rower to their home gym or anyone looking to get a great cardio workout that is easy on the joints. We also recommend purchasing this rower online as you will not only get a great price, but also free shipping.